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Estates Tree Service serves all of San Diego and North County offering free estimates, 24-hour emergency service and providing guaranteed service to residential and commercial customers. Estates Tree Service offers all phases of tree maintenance and removal: chipping and hauling, crown reduction, pruning, lacing and shaping, difficult removals, stump grinding and fire wood sales.

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• Contractors License

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Services Offered:

  • Ornamental Pruning
  • Difficult Removals
  • Stump Grinding
  • Crown Reduction
  • Lacing and Shaping
  • Palm Tree Trimming & Shaving
Tree Service: When You’re Out on a Limb with Tree Trouble

Trees are great for the environment and great for your property. But you also need to maintain them well, not only for the obvious reason of preserving the looks and value of your property, but also to avoid certain unforeseen problems that may sprout in future. While having a tree in your front or back yard definitely adds to the charm of the property, sometimes trees can pose problems that need to be tackled as early as possible. If you're having problems with a tree on your property, you should call a skilled Ramona Tree Service right away. Specializing in a wide range of tree servicing requirements, a Ramona Tree Service can help you with pruning, trimming, stump removal and tree removal.

Trees provide many benefits to your home and business. But when they fall, or when the low hanging or dead branches injure people and damage your property, they can cause major liabilities. Keeping your trees healthy and hazard-free will improve their lifespans, add aesthetic appeal to your home, and ensure your trees never become a danger. An experienced Ramona Tree Service helps you make the best of the trees that you so love and want to see on your property. While it might be hard to consider your trees a potential risk, you should be concerned about ensuring they never become one. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide for the safety of the trees on the property. Regular and professional maintenance of your trees by a professional Ramona Tree Service will help identify the problems and steps can be taken to be taken to nip them in the bud.

Common Problems a Ramona Tree Service Can Solve

Sometimes trees can overgrow and have wayward branches that may fall into utility lines. Hitting power lines may cause severe power outages, fires and even electrical spikes or surges. Sometimes, when hit by a falling tree or a branch, the electrical line may be downed and could still be conducting electricity. This poses the risk of severe injury and even death to people or pets that might come into contact with the downed line. If you have a tree that might potentially fall into the utility line, correct the situation immediately with the help of a Ramona Tree Service. They will trim and prune overgrown branches away from the utility lines.

You can figure out whether the trees on your property are hazardous by asking certain questions. The professionals at a Ramona Tree Service advise you to look at signs of rot and other damage on trees. Can you see dead branches or broken limbs? Do mushrooms grow at the base of the tree and has the wood started to rot along the trunk and major branches? A rotting tree is a very dangerous thing to have on your yard. Look for cracks and splits where the branches are attached to the trunk. Have the branches of your tree fallen down or have nearby trees died or fallen over? Check whether the tree leans heavily and if branches grow more prominently from one side. It's possible the roots were damaged by previous repairs or construction on your property, such as the installation of sidewalks and pavements, or digging trenches.

A reliable Ramona Tree Service can help you with any of the problems that you may spot on your trees. Being able to identify and eliminate the risks of having trees will increase the safety of your property and the longevity of your trees. Also, if you do not take any steps to correct tree hazards though you are aware of them, you are faced with potential liability. Reduce your liability by hiring a Ramona Tree Service to perform regular trimming and maintenance on your trees.

Ramona Tree Service: When You Need a Tree Removed

Sometimes it may not be enough that you prune and trim the branches regularly; you may need to uproot an entire tree or remove the stump of an old tree. Stump removal is not an easy task, the skilled professionals from a Ramona Tree Service use equipments like grinders which will turn the tree stump into mulch. In years gone by, stumps would be manually dug out or pulled out of lawns. This often caused a great deal of collateral damage and had the chance of leaving behind a "root ball" that was difficult to manage.

The value and beauty of your home are affected by ugly stumps. Exposed tree stumps may cause people to trip over them and injure themselves. Do you want to be sued over a stupid stump in your yard? After a RamonaTree Service is done with removing the stump, there will be no visible indication that there was such a thing before in the same spot. Your lawn will look larger and much neater than it did previously. Stump removal also prevents infestations of bees, termites and other insects. Stumps may cause damage to your lawn mower as you mow the lawn. Before someone slips and falls or your lawn mower is damaged, it is best that the stump is removed by an experienced RamonaTree Service.

Why Call a RamonaTree Service

As trees become older and more mature, you may start to notice problems. The tree may grow larger than you would have liked it to or certain branches and limbs may be growing dangerously close to your home, utility lines and other structures. Dead limbs and rotting branches are also common in old trees or those damaged by storms, or maybe the tree has grown too dense obstructing sunlight and has been infested with pests. Whatever the work that needs to be done on your trees, a Ramona Tree Service is your best choice. They can trim and raise the canopy to make the tree visually appealing, take out damaged and dead wood and even safely fall trees in tight spots. Get in touch with a professional Ramona Tree Service if you need to trim or prune your branches, clear trees that obstruct a view or remove a stump that is an eyesore on your property.


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